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Thousands of people have participated in these workshops, either for specific areas that they want to work on, or simply because M.I.T.T. is a place to learn and develop and have a great time doing it.

  1. ct27


    November 8, 2016 at 7:50 am

    My testimonial is not for me but my daughter. I am astounded at the change in her after two sessions at MITT! For years and years she had tried counseling and psychotherapy and medicine to cure her depression and poor self worth. Nothing has ever helped much. After her cousin tried MITT and was so enthusiastic we both thought it might help. Little did we know it would be life changing!

    My daughter is now happy, confident, upbeat and positive ALL the time! She landed herself a job with double the salary and got out of debt and is saving to buy a home! Only a mother can know how profound the change is in a daughter and I see a 180 degree turnabout! I’m over the moon!

    I don’t know how they do it as I’ve never been but it’s the best money ever spent I can tell you. And I’m not talking about some euphoria immediately after the sessions but her feelings and life a year after! I have been remiss in not thanking MITT sooner but the proof is even better now…a year later! The change is certain and permanent. She said to me months ago, “Mom, I will never be the same again! Never again will life get me down or send me into a state of depression.” And she’s right! Every time she calls she is happy and excited about life. Thank you thank you thank you! I had a daughter who was for many years suicidal and now I KNOW I never have to worry about that again! What price can you put on such a change?! If you wish to talk to her, please let me know. She will tell you much more about her amazing transformation. It’s real!

  2. Andrea Brooks

    June 12, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    As the last of my children gets to enter high school, I have done some reflecting on my life. I raised my children to follow their drams while putting my own on hold. This training has taught me that I can have both / and. I can still follow my dreams while supporting my children’s visions as well. If my plate gets too full, I just break it and get a bigger one. It’s not about adding more to my crazy life though, it’s about learning to focus and prioritize where it matters. I now have the tools to create the life I always dreamed of. I only wish that I had started much earlier. Either way, now is not too late!

    Andrea Brooks
    Self Employed Writer

  3. Miriam Morales

    June 12, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    Being a part of MITT allowed me to become the leader I have always dreamt of being. It allowed me to let go of all the things that were not working in my life and expand on what does work. I was able to give my services to others in a selfless way, and that itself was rewarding. MITT has been an amazing gift that a beautiful friend gave me.

    Miriam Morales
    Medical Assistant

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