About Us

Tap into your full potential

These dynamic workshops are a caring, inspirational, and educational environment for generating breakthroughs in the most crucial aspects of your life. You will realize new ways to be more effective, giving and fulfilled in both your personal relationships and your career while experiencing new levels of self-confidence, vitality, joy, and satisfaction. You will see the degree to which your current thinking and behavior is or is not consistent with your highest aspirations and your vision for life. You will discover new possibilities for yourself that are not determined by your past, but generated by your commitment to the future. You will leave this life-altering experience with the tools for immediately creating more of what truly matters to you.


“This was one of most powerful and useful experiences of my life! Having the ability to see what was working for me and what was standing in my way of achieving my dreams has been priceless.”
Lewis Howes – Entrepreneur and Olympic Hopeful

You will leave this life-altering experience with the tools for immediately creating more of what truly matters to you.

 Ask yourself…

  • In what areas of your life are you committed to have significant advance?
  • What obstacles tend to be the toughest for you to overcome?
  • Where would you like to be five years from now if anything were possible?
  • What would get you out of bed before the alarm goes off?
  • What do you want that would be among the top most important things you have ever created?
  • How would you tapping your full potential affect your future?
  • If you could live your life over again, what is the most meaningful goal you would strive for?
  • If you could have the relationship, career, or lifestyle of your dreams, what would that feel and look like?


Regardless of where you are now, what would the impact be of an increase in personal and professional effectiveness? What do you think the effect of what you cannot see about yourself might have on your long-term success?

This series of experiential seminars are for people whose lives are already working. Anyone who has life work is always striving for more… the next level. In what domains are you ready to challenge yourself to “go for the gold?” And for anyone who knows how to be successful and produce extraordinary results, you know you get to do whatever it takes to get the job done, so welcome to a great opportunity for growth!