About the Founder

Margo is a leader in the world of transformational work

As the Founder and President of Mastery in Transformational Training, Margo has supported thousands of people who have dramatically changed their lives by participating in the trainings. She is repeatedly recognized for her work as a leader in the field of transformational trainings and acknowledged by Mayors, Senators, and other dignitaries of the state of California.

Born and educated in Holland, Margo earned a business degree at age 21. Soon after, she moved to Spain where she stayed for three years before making her way to America in 1970. Here in the states, she studied Psychology and Re-evaluation Counseling, then worked as a counselor for seven years. She was also a very successful business owner of a Beverly Hills Spa and Beauty Institute.



“If anyone can do it, you can do it. Everybody gets to live their dream.” – Margo Majdi

Her life changed forever in 1980, when she was introduced to transformational trainings. By 1998, she completely transformed her own life by purchasing the rights to the trainings, naming her new company Mastery in Transformational Training (M.I.T.T.).

Through over a decade of networking and expanding, MITT has become a leading organization in transformational trainings world-wide, boasting only the most successful and world-renown trainers.

Going above and beyond her role as President, Margo spearheads MITT’s Leadership Program, through which she has coached thousands of people in creating extraordinary results in their daily lives. Beyond their own lives, she coaches them on focusing their energy outward and into their communities. These participants learn to personally inspire others. They also greatly contribute to the Los Angeles landscape by creating community projects and fundraising millions of dollars for local charitable organizations.

Standing as the example for all of her participants, Margo founder her own charitable organization, The Torch Foundation, which makes transformational trainings accessible to at-risk teenagers throughout Los Angeles. These teens experience huge shifts in their own lives through the trainings and the subsequent month of coaching. For many of them, they are experiencing for the first time what it is like to be responsible and to know that they can make choices toward achieving their dreams. These teens go on to create extraordinary results and become leaders in their schools and communities.

Margo was invited to bring the Torch Trainings to China, which she did in 2007. The teen trainings are now amongst the top-rated trainings in China where they are conducted by the equivalent of Dr. Phil here. They have changed many lives. She is currently working with Dubai to bring the trainings there.


“A setback is not to sit back, but an opportunity to reinvent yourself for your comeback.” – Margo Majdi

It’s phenomenal to see just how many lives Margo’s work touches on a daily basis. And each day, her work reaches further. It’s her sheer commitment and vision that has her wake up each morning with passion, knowing that she gets to support people in seeing that they matter and they have everything it takes to create what they dream of. “Believing in yourself is what gets you the results,” she says. “Age, race, nationality… doesn’t matter. As long as you have a vision and you’re committed to having it happen. Nothing stops you but you.”