Dynamic Trainings

You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result. –Mahatma Gandhi

The purpose of these trainings is to create responsible and creative world-citizens, through Emotional Intelligence education. What would life be like if you realized that you can be happy, successful, loving, creative, powerful, and free? And that all of the power to create this possibility is inside of you? What would this world be like if every person in it took responsibility for their dreams? You’ve been building your life for years. Right now you have the opportunity to stand on the ceiling you’ve created and call it a new ground.

The Basic Training

The first step

Discover what stops you in life

The Advanced Course

Redesign Your Life

Generate breakthroughs in your life.

The Legacy Program

Final stage

Live life with great character, integrity, spirit and joy

Abundance & Prosperity

Let your emotions guide you

When pursuing your passions, you find a way to make it happen

The Art of Acknowledgment®

Sacred words that elevate the human spirit

Sacred words that elevate the human spirit

The Champion Training

Teenage Leadership Program

Gives teenagers the opportunity to discover and redesign the limiting beliefs they have about themselves and others

Coaching Academy

Certification Program

Breakthrough Coaching Certification Program

Corporate Trainings

Turn Company Vision into Reality

You’ll never know how simple business development can be until you have a coach by your side.

Grace Revealed

Explore the balance of masculine and feminine

Explore the balance of masculine and feminine

Grace for Women

A Woman’s Journey to Wholeness

A Woman’s Journey to Wholeness

Introductory Workshop

What is possible in your life?

Our introductory workshop is 2.5 hour session which introduces people to what is possible in their lives

Master your Dynasty

You can write your own biography

An intense program concentrating on personal results.

The Masters

the Foundation for transformation

The Masters Course is the foundation on which the Basic, Advanced Course, Leadership and Graduate Workshops are built.

Parent Training

Be the parent you want to be

This is about learning new tools of inspiration and motivation to create a successful and happy family.

Personal Life Coaching

Increase Personal Effectiveness

Do you have a burning desire to improve yourself and increase your personal effectiveness?

PhD Program

Become a transformational trainer

Master the arts of leadership, facilitation, and coaching

The Relationship Training

Experience authentic connection

Learn tools to enhance intimacy and freedom

Sacred Bliss

Sacred Bliss

We are gathering in sacred community once again for Grace Advanced- “Sacred Bliss” These 4 days are a complete sensual experience, combining the beauty and intensity of deep personal work with rejuvenation, creation and gentle relaxation in an intentional, powerful and healing setting. We’ll continue the journey to wholeness, which we began in Grace, reconnecting with […]

The Samurai Game

Experiential Leadership Challenge

Experiential Leadership Challenge

Sexuality & Sensuality

Open you heart, body and soul

Merge your heart, body and soul

Silent Retreat

Weekend of meditation

It is an opportunity to take pause and, in silence, notice the voice inside your mind.

Spanish Training: Avanzado

Transformational trainings for Spanish speakers

Discover new possibilities that are generated by your commitment to your future

Spanish Training: Basico

Discover what stops you in life

Discover what stops you in life

Spanish Training: Liderazgo Con Amor

A word class Leadership Program

A word class Leadership Program

Torch Facilitator Program

Making a difference

Make a difference for teenagers in our community