The Legacy Program

Live life with great character, integrity, spirit and joy

A world-class Leadership Program designed to empower extraordinary people to live their lives with great character, integrity, spirit and joy.

LP is for a select group, committed to elevating who they are, and their ability to be creators. LP offers you an environment that allows a permanent paradigm shift in BEING and ACCOMPLISHING.

How do you live a transformed life in a world that does not support transformation?


The Legacy Program is developed for Advanced Course Graduates to:

  • Integrate the tools of the training into their lives with power and velocity.
  • Create an empowering context for living the training in their community.
  • Ensure the trainings continue by inviting others to participate in the trainings.


The foundation of your legacy program experience is your Letter of Accomplishment, which is the document you will write stating what you are committed to accomplishing by the end of your LP experience.

While accomplishing these things you will attend weekly meetings that are designed for personal breakthrough in relationships, empowering you to realize who you get to be to create what you want. You will do the matrix, a powerful tool in gaining deep understanding of all human beings and their motivations through their personality characteristics. You will discover new ways to communicate in the world. The program brings you back to the essence of who you are and allows you to discover what’s stopping you… and create anyway. It’s about manifesting all that you discover through your personal coaching.

You will also participate in Leadership weekends and a Ropes Course. These opportunities are led by a trainer/facilitator and create deep team bonding and personal breakthrough.

Throughout the LP journey you will have a personal life coach that will coach your commitment. These are individuals who will be 100% committed to your commitment and empowering you to breakthrough whatever holds you back.

Through the Leadership Program, we promise that you will:

  • Have new foundations for goal-setting and defining standards of excellence in your life.
  • Have presence and an increased ability to intervene with different types of people.
  • Have a new relationship with time.
  • Have confidence, dignity and peace in the domain of relationships.
  • Be measurably more effective in empowering others to accomplish what matters to them.
  • The entire Leadership Program will include a complimentary workshop, called the Art of Acknowledgement.
  • The Art of Acknowledgement will be given Three times a year for People who are part of the Leadership Program.
  • This workshop is Non-Transferable and gets to be used within One Year of attending the Leadership Program.
  • The Art of Acknowledgement is for Students that have paid in full for the Leadership Program.


Tuition: $1595

To register call the office at 310-305-7855