Master your Dynasty

An intense program concentrating on personal results.

This is not about enrollment.  This is 100% commitment to your life and your Letter of Accomplishment, a list of commitments that you will make at the start of the program.  Mastering Your Dynasty is an intense program concentrating on personal results.

This is a one-year-long program of discovering how to create your dynasty, how to live it, and, ultimately, how to maintain and expand it.

You will write a Letter of Accomplishment detailing the first action steps you will take in challenging your highest level of possibilities in your career and personal relationships. You will challenge yourself daily to reach your anticipated goals in a support system composed of coaches, buddies, and a team of like-minded people.

You will write your own biography. This is your legacy to give to future generations. You will create your won seminar. You will be coached in how to create a networking party.

You will meet as a group every three weeks and you will be coached in a higher level of you taking on your life with 100% commitment each day with rigor and passion for your vision and what it is that you want to accomplish in a one-year time frame which would normally take you between 5-10 years. In other words, you are creating extraordinary results in your life because you say so.

This program is nine months of meetings every three weeks. You will call and connect every 10 days in person or on the phone with each other for check-in or coaching. The three week meetings will be held with the President of the MITT trainings. There are two Saturday trainings in the course of the program.

In the ninth month of the meeting, you will create your own seminar in your line of work, with guidelines given by your facilitator. The seminar will be the final project spanning the last three months, and you will have the option of presenting it to the entire group in your final meeting. You will experience this program with other senior LPs and you will hold one another responsible through this program.

Our final endeavor will be a black-tie fundraising event in which we will have an award given to the highest producer in his or her field. Friends and family may be invited. The proceeds go to a selected charitable organization.

$2995 for the whole year (minimum of 10 students and maximum 20)

Other packages available

Coaching by President of MITT twice a week: additional $1000/month

To register call the office at 310-305-7855.