PhD Program

Master the arts of leadership, facilitation, and coaching

This program will open the possibility to become a transformational trainer. The Ph.D. Program is grounded in mastering the arts of leadership, training, facilitation and coaching.

It is an opportunity for each participant to complete the program living the conversations, distinctions, attitudes, ways of being, and behaviors of a master leader.

Each participant will learn, master and be evaluated for their proficiency in the following:


  • Responsibility / Source
  • Listening Skills
  • Personality Styles / Flexing
  • Communication / Public Speaking
  • Coaching Distinctions
  • Trainer Distinctions
  • Team Building / Alignment & Consensus
  • Context Setting / Organization & Structure
  • Review


Call MITT Office now for a PhD eligibility review.

Accepting LP Graduates who are committed to achieving mastery in leadership and for people who are committed to being transformational trainers.