Grace for Women

A Woman’s Journey to Wholeness

The purpose of this weekend is not to perfect yourself, but to transform yourself – into what you already are!

GRACE ~ A Comprehensive approach to women’s unique growth and development. Learning to gracefully navigate our lives as women and to graciously receive from all that unfolds in our journey.

To become a catalyst for communities of women – celebrating feminine beauty, radiance and grace.

We ask that you bring your passion to live life to the fullest, and manifest such fullness in engaged relationship with others and the world.  We ask that you have the courage to step open-heartedly into the unknown and be willing to join others in a transformational learning community.

A Safe Harbor- In every culture women have kept a special time for being together as women – time to share strength, rawness, vulnerability, wisdom – time to support, teach and nurture each other- to heal, rejuvenate and celebrate the essence of the feminine together.  Women’s longing for sanctuary has its source in a deep and irrepressible hunger for soul nourishment.  Grace is a still point from which to begin the journey of sharing collective wisdom of a circle of women.

The Journey to Wholeness- An opportunity to manifest what is already within.  In our world today, we are virtually bombarded by a steady influx of knowledge and information.  Throughout the maturation process, often what gets neglected is the time to reflect upon and explore self and relationships. Never before have we been so informed and yet so disengaged from personal relevance.  This calls us to a new, comprehensive approach to human growth and development, a journey towards wholeness.  The call is to integrate, to take a panoramic view of self, culture and nature, and to embrace the insights and tools that serve the highest potential for all.

Grace is for participants who can feel the beauty of wholeness in their head, their heart and their core.

This workshop is not for the faint of heart.

Through this three-day experiential workshop, you will learn to listen more deeply, to facilitate your own intuition and compassion.  You will learn to develop a “healing presence;” to have greater awareness of and in your won body, emotions, mind and spirit, and to engage a multitude of individual practices that can be employed throughout your life.

Grace is designed to engage you physically, emotionally, cognitively, interpersonally, and spiritually. Grace is itself an example of the life process, balancing theoretical and experiential. Through individual and group activities, you will embark upon your journey to wholeness.

Modules may include:

  • Meditative and contemplative practice: We will explore the cultivation of awareness, connection with self, others and all aspects of life. We will provide opportunities to sit in stillness and we will also work with a variety of awareness-in-action exercises.
  • Breath-work and movement: These practices are designed to restore a healthy and harmonious flow with your breath and body; exploring healing, reconnection and the power of the sensual nature of our bodies through movement and various artistic forms. No experience required!
  • Relating to others: We will explore practices that will help you open your eyes, mind and heart to other people – even difficult ones – and develop an internal and external safe harbor from which to relate more positively and productively with those you meet.
  • Authentic self-expression: You’ll learn simple yet powerful methods of expression to transform emotions and shadow aspects into illuminating wisdom and skillful navigational tools.


This is an advanced course and it is assumed participants will have a basic knowledge and experience of personal growth work. Prior to enrolling, all women interested in Grace will be interviewed by a member of the M.I.T.T. staff.

3-day Workshop Schedule:


  • Training starts 10:00 am
  • Ends approximately 11:00 pm


  • Training starts 10:00 am
  • Ends approximately 11:00 pm


  • Training starts 10:00 am
  • Ends approximately 7:30 pm

Tuition: $595 (deposit $295)

The Grace Workshop is designed for a capacity of 60 people, those who are paid in full and prepped by the 6th week before the training date will have first priority into the workshop.



Grace for Women Training Dates: