Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens in the M.I.T.T. trainings?
A. These workshops are an experiential learning process, a laboratory for self-discovery, in which your entire being is engaged in the work of discovery, creation, and re-creation.  The M.I.T.T. facilitator presents the dynamics of the workshop in a way that is clear, powerful, and alive. The interactive structure of the classroom includes a series of life-altering presentations, breakthrough processes, creative interactions, and personalized coaching which focus on questions at the heart of our humanity; issues that are key to successful living.

Q. What results are produced from the trainings?
A. The Basic Training classroom is an environment in which you are able to recognize opportunities to choose different ways of thinking and acting that will empower you to live the life you want to live. In the workshop, you are presented with tools to assist you in that process of moving forward in your life.  Remember… wherever you are in your life, there is always room to move forward!

In the workshop, you will gain a new freedom to set aside assumptions and beliefs about yourself and the world around you that limit what is possible. Then you will be able to generate a life that is consistent with your heartfelt values, commitments, and intentions.

Acknowledgement from the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles

Participants in the M.I.T.T. Workshops generate a wide range of benefits in all areas of their lives. The following four examples are particularly noteworthy:

In The Basic, you will open yourself to a trust and vulnerability that allows for genuine intimacy in all areas of life. You will embrace a new appreciation and love of yourself and others, and will be able to share that experience in a way that nurtures and contributes to the people closest to you, to your community, and to your world.

The Basic gives you opportunities to free yourself from the limits of “what everyone knows” can be done, and brings a new focus and momentum to the commitments you hold. As a result, your vision can expand dramatically. You will be able to find opportunities and solutions that were previously unseen, and you will be able to act effectively to bring the possibilities of the future into the realities of today.

In The Basic, you rediscover yourself as author, the generator of your life, rather than an observer or passenger “along for the ride”. You will strengthen your ability to declare your commitments and express them in action that forwards and delivers what you intend. You will discover a way for integrity, honesty and trust to become an integral part of your life and be able to choose it!

Each of us longs to participate in a life that contributes powerfully to the people around us; one that leaves a lasting imprint of our vision, our creativity, and our wonder as human beings.

As your relationship with others is deepened; as your ability to accomplish is increased; and as the level and scope of your responsibility expands, you will discover the unique gifts that you ARE, and may find yourself naturally eager and able to make a difference in your environment – with your family, your job and career, your community, and, indirectly, the world.

Q: How do the trainings fit with my spiritual beliefs?
A: The M.I.T.T. Workshops are about relationships. If a person already has a relationship with God, then, just as with other relationships, it will be enhanced by the experience of the workshop. The results produced in the trainings greatly support your involvement in your community.

Q. How do I register?
You can register directly from our website or by calling (310) 305-7855. Payment may be made by MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, cash or check.

Q. How much do the trainings cost?
The cost of The Basic Training is currently discounted to $495, which includes the 5-day Workshop Session, a one-hour personal interview to be scheduled with you, an evening Guest Event / Introductory Workshop which takes place approximately a week after the main session and completes the formal workshop, and a thirty-day follow-up support service that gives you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and receive coaching regarding real-life situations.  Graduates of the Basic may review any time, providing there is space.  Those who participated in the Basic may audit the 5-day Basic Training for $295.00. For other workshops prices, please go to their respective page under the Training Section of our website.

Q. Where and when are the trainings held?
Workshops are offered on a regular basis in the Los Angeles area. Please check our Calendar for upcoming trainings and events.

Q. Who are the M.I.T.T. trainers?
The men and women who lead the trainings are extensively trained and seasoned educators who have distinguished themselves in a wide range of professions and fields. In addition to demonstrating high levels of accomplishment, trainers complete an internship of at least one year in mastering the principles and methods they teach. All trainers are university graduates, and several hold advanced degrees.