Silent Retreat

It is an opportunity to take pause and, in silence, notice the voice inside your mind.

A beauty retreat with massages, facials, spa-like environment, heated indoor swimming pool, and healthy culinary cuisine… all done in silence. This is a weekend of meditation and rejuvenation for men and women. Drum circles, yoga, healing, spirituality, connection.

This is a weekend of awareness. It is an opportunity to take pause and, in silence, notice the voice inside your mind. Notice what it is saying, notice your automatic reactions, your judgments, your desires. Notice the way things smell, the way they taste. In silence you can become aware of your body, your mind, your senses, your spirit. You can interact with others in a whole new way, creating an experience of truly being together without the need for words. It is an opportunity to experience the divine expression of being.

Why Silence?

“Is there, for moments at a time, an open listening that does not create divisions among us? Can this humming breathing, pulsating presence take the place of fantasizing, worrying, and wanting?

Right now can there be simple listening, awaring, being present to what appears as sound and feeling and thinking in the midst of open silence? A vast listening space of no preferences and no judgments, no one here to do the listening. It’s happening on its own.

Our habitual listening and looking has been thoroughly conditioned by past experiences and innate tendencies which unconsciously select, color, distort what we hear and see. We do not consciously intent to view things and people in the light of our past experiences, our desires and fears . But it happens, automatically, involuntarily.

So why are we coming here to this retreat center, a place of spacious beauty and care, of lightness, and quiet?

One aspect of silence is becoming intelligently aware of what we call our conditioning, our habitually unconscious or semi-conscious reaction toward each other and the situations around us. We may think we are aware (in the sense that all human beings are “conscious”), but we are not really in touch with true, undivided awareness. True awareness has no element of judging, analyzing, rejecting, or clinging. No “me”- center from which to observe, rather awareness shedding light, bringing the “me” into fresh view.

The other aspect of quiet silence is the wonder of coming upon that which is not conditioned, that which is beyond fantasy and remembrance. Sitting quietly, without desire and fear, beyond the sense of time, is vast, boundless being, not belonging to me or you. It is free and unattached, shedding light on conditioned being, beholding it and yet not meddling with it. The seeing is the doing. Seeing is change. It is not what is seen that matters, but that there is seeing, revealing what is as it is, in the light of wisdom and compassion too marvelous to comprehend.”  -Toni Packer



  • 7pm-midnight


  • All day


  • Conclusion at 3pm


Tuition: $795 Couples: $1395

(includes lodging and culinary cuisine)

(max 30 people)


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